Crossovers Revisited

In my further attempts to narrow down the sort of things I’m likely to end up writing stories about, I have abandoned text and gone for a diagram.  This is the map of my personal genre crossovers:


So, we’ve got

Plain Historical, Plain Fantasy, Plain Romance and Plain Mystery. 

Shining in the Sun is a plain romance, and I have an idea for a plain mystery and a plain historical which may or may not come to pass.  But I’m not as happy writing in a single genre as I am writing in at least two at once. 

So False Colors, Captain’s Surrender and Blessed Isle are all AD – Historical Romance.

The Witch’s Boy is AB – Historical Fantasy.

Under the Hill is ABD – Fantasy with a strong element of History and Romance.

The Wages of Sin is ABCD – Mystery, Historical Romance and elements of Fantasy.

Future projects include

Whirlwind Boys (AD), an idea for a Historical Mystery (AC) and an idea for a Historical Fantasy Mystery (ABC)

The most consistent thing in the lot is the A – the historical element.  That’s interesting, as I didn’t realize I was quite that wedded to it.  My new tag line definitely seems to sum it all up, though šŸ™‚

It was interesting thinking this through.  It does give me a brand of sorts, but also plenty of room to manoeuvre.  Why haven’t I tried Steampunk yet, I wonder?  You’d have thought it was everything I liked in a single package. 


About Alex Beecroft

I write M/M Romance, Historical and Fantasy novels . You can find out more about my novels at my website:
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