End of Year Newsletter from Alex

I’m wrestling with email newsletter templates at the moment, because I got a lovely template which works in Microsoft Word and makes my newsletter look terribly professional – and then it doesn’t fit into my emails or blog.  Back to the drawing board there, I think!

In the mean time, I’ve turned it into a pdf, which has lost some of the snazzy formatting and made the images a bit dodgy, but at least it’s still readable.  Rather than abandon all the work that went into it, I’ve put it on my website here Newsletter 1 – December 2010

At least it forced me to come up with a blurb for Under the Hill and a name for “the pirate novella that has no name and no longer contains any pirates.”  Henceforth – to my great typing relief – to be called Forced.


About Alex Beecroft

I write M/M Romance, Historical and Fantasy novels . You can find out more about my novels at my website: http://alexbeecroft.com
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2 Responses to End of Year Newsletter from Alex

  1. That looks rather brilliant! What a great idea.

  2. Thanks Una! I loved that template, it’s only unfortunate that I can’t figure out a way to share the resulting newsletter with people. Next month I’m switching to MailChimp.com.

    I thought it would be a good idea to say what I’d achieved this year because, unless you have new releases out, it can be hard for a reader to know whether you’re doing anything or not, or have given up writing to take up waterpolo instead.

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