By Starlight in Interzone #225, out 12 November

Interzone #225 has gone to print featuring my short story “By Starlight”. The issue will hit bookshop shelves and subscribers’ doorsteps on 12 November.

The other stories featured in issue #225 come from Jason Sanford, Lavie Tidhar, Colin Harvey, Shannon Page and Jay Lake. You can see a preview of the beautiful wrap-around cover by Adam Tredowski on the forums at SFF Chronicles.

Interzone, from TTA Press, can be found in any Borders, Foyles or Forbidden Planet. Some other large independant bookstores may carry it and it can be found in selected places outside the UK. Alternatively you can ask WH Smiths or your local newsagent to order it in. And if short fiction is your thing, you can subscribe direct from TTA press for just £21 for 6 issues – that’s a whole year of great SF and fantasy fiction. I’m a big fan of the magazine and I’m delighted to be in its pages.

 As “By Starlight” is the first story of mine ever to hit the high street, I’m excited and nervous in equal measure! It’s one thing to get a critique from a friend or fellow writer that I know well, but I’m about to enter a world of online reviews by complete strangers. Sandpits in which to bury heads may have to be purchased… or if people like it, perhaps the mooted Lighters novel may materialise next year…


About Rebecca J Payne

Cambridge-based author of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and occasional Shakespeare obsessive.
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