A long-expected party

I have a novel coming out soon. It’s called The Never-Ending Sacrifice, and it’s an odd experience waiting for it to arrive.

Coming from an fanfiction background, I’m used to writing a story, putting it online, and waiting for the reviews to come flooding into my inbox within seconds (well, so I fondly imagine). But of course, this doesn’t happen with traditional publishing. You write the book in a burn and frenzy of creativity, all in a rush, anxious to get to the end and prove that your idea works. (You’re also very aware of the ticking sound of the countdown to the deadline…). You revise, you send the mss. out, you get the notes, you fix what needs to be fixed… then it goes quiet. For months. You’ve almost forgotten you have a book coming out (almost).

I finished this book back at the start of January, but people haven’t seen it yet. People haven’t even started telling me what they think of it (if they tell me at all!). As the publication date gets closer, I’m starting to remember that yes, in fact, I have a book coming out soon. I’m starting to get excited about it again. It’s the fun of writing the book all over again – without any of the hassle of actually having to write it.

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