Captain's Surrender, by Alex Beecroft

“Captain’s Surrender” has been bought by Samhain Press, and is due to be re-issued in print and ebook formats in Autumn 2009. In the meantime, you can still buy the first edition of the book, published by Linden Bay Romance.

Thrilling! On every level, Captain’s Surrender is thrilling.
Alex Beecroft spins image, voice, character, setting, and story into a
captivating whole, accomplishing the rare feat of inducing in the
reader a forgetfulness that we are, indeed, reading…

I said at the beginning of this review that Captain’s Surrender
thrilled me. It satisfied a craving I’ve had for decades, for a certain
kind of book, the kind that’s so seldom written it’s an almost violent
surprise when one crosses my path. It drilled right down to the bedrock
of my psyche, dug out that part of me that whiled away childhood
afternoons with elaborate seagoing, swashbuckling epic fantasies, then
set it in the sunshine beside my adolescent longing for a more bent,
more tolerant world. Add to that damned good writing to satisfy an
adult self with high standards and broad tastes, and you’ve got a
keeper. And something to recommend with impunity.

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About Alex Beecroft

I write M/M Romance, Historical and Fantasy novels . You can find out more about my novels at my website:
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